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Wholesale coffee roasters

Sweetleaf Coffee Roasters New York wants to be a partner in your business’ success.
This means that you’re getting more than just great coffee. We are here to collaborate with you and offer personally curated coffee menus, equipment at discounted prices, world-class training, technical support and more.

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Focus on running your business

We are responsible for installing and coordinating service for any technical or maintenance issues that may arise.

We understand investing in high-end, specialized coffee equipment is a big decision. Purchasing or leasing equipment from us means you have peace of mind knowing we are responsible for installing and coordinating service for any technical or maintenance issues that may arise. We save you time and trouble so you can focus on running your business. 

ethically sourced

Locally roasted, ethically sourced

We scour the globe looking for the very best raw beans that we can roast into something extraordinary.

Freshly harvested coffees undergo a grading process to determine their quality. The higher a coffee scores, the more money the farmer receives for their product. Since we are only interested in the very best coffees, it is not uncommon for our farmers to be paid multiple times the market average for their crop. Our business model allows farmers to earn a better living.

sweetleaf coffee roasters in brooklyn

Brooklyn at heart

 We’re a small, established operation right here in Brooklyn.      

Many of our signature drip coffees bear the names of the farmers who work so hard to produce world-class harvests. Unlike other bigger, better-known roasters, we’re not driven by profits or the bottom line. We don’t have a corporate office and aren’t beholden to investors. We have a single, obsessive focus for our business: Roast the best coffees on the planet and the rest will sort itself out. All with love, from New York

our clients in new york

lobster joint
coffee project

What's like working with
Sweetleaf Coffee Roasters ?

"Fantastic. I’ve said for a long time, Sweetleaf Coffee is currently our best partner. Service, passion, knowledge, mutual respect. Having a network of coffee professionals that support our business and also encourages us to improve is invaluable."

-Joseph Haze, The Coffee Project New York

"The guys at Sweetleaf are so easy to work with and have been from the beginning! They have allowed us to grow to what we are today. The training they provide can be adjusted to any level or experience of barista and everyone that we have sent there have always come back having learnt something totally new."

-Kim Alpert, Lobster Joint

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