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Rocket Fuel Concentrate 32oz
Rocket Fuel Concentrate 32oz

Rocket Fuel Concentrate 32oz

Sweetleaf Coffee Roasters

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Cold brew and Rocket Fuel are shipped only to selected East Coast states
  • Sweetleaf Cold Brew Blend
  • Chicory
  • Vermont Maple Syrup

Highly addictive, highly delicious and be sure to wear protective clothing at all times!

We take our signature Cold Brew and add chicory to add a depth of flavor and bite.

Pure Vermont maple syrup is mixed in for a perfectly sweet finish. Mix the dark Rocket Fuel concentrate with an equal amount of milk or milk alternative of your choice. The end result is a bold yet balanced cold coffee beverage that delivers a delicious, energizing start to the day.

Rocket Fuel Concentrate - 32oz
Mix this concentrate 50/50 with any milk of your choice. It goes great with Oat Milk!
*Cold Brew and Rocket Fuel will be shipped in recyclable plastic growlers, not glass as pictured.