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This weekend I was able to catch the penultimate day of Sweetleaf's Free Coffee Week event, and I am kicking myself for not visiting sooner. It is, bar none, the best coffee I've had in the borough, and some of the best coffee I've had in NYC. 

They serve the much-lauded Stumptown Coffee, and it is strong and delicious, not to mention fair trade. They offer American coffee ($1.75) and espresso-based coffee drinks ($2.25-$4.00) on the menu, as well as a variety of in-house baked goods (muffins and other treats).  They also sell Nunu Chocolates, which are wonderful - the hand-dipped salted caramel is my favorite so far.

The staff is really nice and accommodating, and owner Rich answered my questions about the store and products, and even passed on some brewing tips (which were a huge help!).  You can also buy Stumptown beans from them - 12 oz bags run from about $12-14, depending on the kind of bean you get.  I bought a bag of the Columbia El Jordan, brewed it this morning, and found it to be one of the smoothest cups of coffee I've had in quite a while.  I can see myself returning again and again for good coffee and fantastic beans for home brewing.  And those chocolates... mmm...

Definitely check them out - you won't regret it!

Sweetleaf Coffee & Tea
10-93 Jackson Ave, LIC