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Slap Shot Blend Cold Brew 64oz
Slap Shot Blend Cold Brew 64oz

Slap Shot Blend Cold Brew 64oz

Sweetleaf Coffee Roasters

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Cold brew and Rocket Fuel are shipped only to selected East Coast states
Notes: Chocolate, Dark Fruit, Floral
Location: 50% Colombia, 50% Peru
Varietal: Various
Altitude: 1800+ masl

This flagship Sweetleaf Coffee Roasters Blend can now be enjoyed as a luscious cold brew!

This blend is very close to our hearts and has inspired many heated arguments among the team over the cupping table to make sure we can bring you a blend that exemplifies and encompasses everything that's great about New York specialty coffee.

This summer, make sure this is fully stocked in your fridge so you can enjoy the history and flavors of New York's finest every day.

*Cold Brew and Rocket Fuel will be shipped in recyclable plastic growlers, not glass as pictured.